Depicted is Ms. Caruso’s 3rd grade class at Morrison School along with Principal John Riordan, Media Specialist Rachel Duffy and GGB President Gail Rotondi.
The GGB purchased new books on topics such as the environment, wildlife and other aspects of nature for ten of Braintree Schools. Gail Rotondi, President, and Millie Yeung, Vice President delivered the books to the Braintree High School, Donald Ross, Flaherty, Highlands, Hollis, Liberty and Morrison Elementary schools, South and East Middle schools and Monatiquot Kindergarten Center. 
These books are part of the philanthropy that the GGB performs for the community of Braintree. The majority of these funds are raised by holding an annual Holiday House Tour and Boutique which is held on the first Sunday of December. The Guild also holds a plant sale each spring.
The GGB donates funds to Pond Meadow Park and awards several scholarships to attend the Pond Meadow summer camp. Each year two high school seniors are given scholarships to continue higher education in a field related to the Guild’s mission. The Guild is dedicated to promoting knowledge of and interest in gardening and ecological sciences for the beautification of the community as well as supporting students who wish to pursue studies in these areas. The Guild also provides funds for school gardens such as Project Prove and the beautification of Braintree by planting and maintaining several gardens throughout the town. The members organize small events which include activities at the Braintree Elder Services Center. All this is accomplished by the 50 dedicated members of the Gardeners’ Guild.