"Botany for Gardeners" with Judith Sumner

Join us to learn some closely-held botanical secrets, from seed germination and companion plants to reutilization, watering and mulching. Judith Sumners will share many of the subtle aspects of plant growth that affect plant survival in your garden. This mini-class in botany will demystify several perplexing topics in plant growth, with the goal of improving garden success!
Judith Sumners is a botanist who specializes in flowering plants, plant adaptations, garden history and ethnobotany. She has taught extensively both at the college level at the college level and at Arnold Arboretum and Garden in the Woods. She has been a guest on Martha Stewart Living Television show , the PBS program “Cultivating Life” with Sean Conway and various other PBS and educational programs. This presentation is open to the public with a suggested donation to the Guild of $1.00.

Monday, March 6, 2017 - 7:00pm